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Never underestimate the undercarriage on your mining machine – it’s a major part of its operating cost.

Here at Hunter Valley Tracks (HVT) we provide our mining customers a unique undercarriage management service, with regular on-site machine inspections. We work closely with site maintenance planners to ensure your undercarriage is achieving its longest possible life in service, which in turn will dramatically reduce a machine’s operating cost. 

We specialise in rebuilding and repairing mining machinery undercarriages, with experience serving  some of the largest mining contractors and major international mining companies including Glencore, Yancoal, Peabody and Thiess.

  • Utilising 2x WTC Track Presses we can perform pin and bush turns on all large mining dozers including Caterpillar D10N/R/T & D11N/R/T.
  • Tracks are pressed together using genuine Cat tooling to OEM specifications.
  • All track hardware is tightened to OEM specifications using the latest torque turn techniques with our six sigma digital torque multiplier, in one simple operation.
  • We only use genuine OEM parts in all our track rebuilds and repairs.
  • All track work is kept in-house to assure quality control. We have fixed prices for all standard pin and bush turns not including failed iron. All failed iron will be quoted after stripping before proceeding.
  • All P&B turns have a 12-month warranty.
D10 D11 Track Repairs

Utilising a 250-ton field press and 2x WTC track presses, Hunter Valley Tracks (HVT) can repair extended and failed joints anywhere in your track without needlessly stripping down and disturbing sealed joints, saving the customer time and money.

Track Shoe Grouser Relugging

Our Submerged Arc re-lugging machine has been developed in-house to increase the efficiency of the welding process. Re-lugging your D10 and D11 track plates represents excellent value for money.

Hire Tracks

Hire tracks are available upon request.

Track Frame Rebuilds

Hunter Valley Track (HVT) rebuilds are carried out to OEM Rebuild Guidelines using only genuine OEM parts, ensuring the highest possible standards are met. We don’t believe in using aftermarket parts in an effort to cut costs, which can often lead to premature failures in the field with valuable production time lost and expensive field repairs to pay.

  • Frames fully stripped, cleaned and sandblasted before extensive structural weld NDT and dimensional check measures carried out to compile a comprehensive report for review.
  • Additional scope of repairs or OEM upgrades required is agreed upon and quoted before proceeding.
  • We can supply a full OEM parts BOM to allow our larger customers the opportunity to utilise any OEM parts discount they may have, which can lead to a substantial saving.

Track Frame Component Rebuilds/Repairs

Save expensive site labour rates and transport your Track Frame components to HVT for a professional rebuild or repair.

We can rebuild or repair the following using OEM parts in stock

  • Cannon and Sleeve
  • Minor/major bogies 
  • Track adjusters
  • Frame body
  • Pivot shaft seal assemblies

D10 & D11 Equalizer Bar

HVT can rebuild or repair your EQ bar to a new condition.

  • Crack Repair
  • Reclaim Bores
  • Fit new OEM Bearings and Seals

D10 & D11 Idler Rebuilds

There are substantial savings to be had in rebuilding your D10 & D11 idlers. In most cases Hunter Valley Track (HVT) can advise on the possibility of rebuilding your idler with a quick and easy visual inspection.

  • All idlers are stripped, assessed, and quoted to ensure the repair is economical, prior to further works.
  • Running treads are Submerged Arc Welded back to new spec, and treads can be machine-finished as an option.
  • It is crucial that your idler has the correct OEM bore to shaft clearance, preventing premature failure in operation. 90% of failures seen are due to the clearances not checked after running treads are welded. Bore diameters are check measured and machined if required to OEM specifications.
  • All idlers are then reassembled using only genuine OEM parts.

In our idler kit, a flame-proof sound suppressor is inserted and clamped between two steel plates, which protects and compresses the insert to provide full contact with the inner contour of the idler.

The insert and plates will easily outlast the idler. Come rebuild time the sound suppression kit is easily removed, allowing the running surfaces and core of the idler to be rebuilt using standard procedures. If the idler becomes unserviceable, you can refit the sound suppression kit to a new idler – making it a very valuable investment. 

We can fit this SS kit to any standard D10/D11 idler new or rebuilt.


  • Chain runs on the original running surface, reducing the chance of segments becoming loose and creating more noise.
  • Fast and inexpensive to rebuild.
  • 100% of the kit can be reused when the idler has become unserviceable.


  • There is no toxic liquid to leak out.
  • No welding of sheet metal to the idler hub that can promote cracking.
  • No expensive rebuild procedure needed, such as the removal of the sheet metal in order to drain tar.
  • Sheet metal can be easily punctured therefore losing its SS functionality.
  • 100% of the kit can be reused when the idler has become unserviceable.

Here at HVT we often have used Genuine Cat undercarriage available, as stock is constantly turning over please give us a call for the latest offerings.

Hunter Valley Tracks (HVT) provide large fleet customers with an on-site inspection service and online access to our unique Track Treads Management System, providing detailed information of your fleet’s undercarriage – an essential tool for budgeting and planning.

Every undercarriage has a budget and life expectancy, which is dependent on the machinery’s specific environment. This budget can be impacted by various factors, including:

  • Changes to the specific environment
  • Weather patterns for the year
  • Regular inspections of undercarriage components

Budgets have an important role to play – indicating if a machine’s undercarriage component is falling short of the required targets. 

When the undercarriage components fall short of their expected life, the machinery endures a loss in value. And if it’s a key component to the machinery then the whole undercarriage system can be affected. 

For example, if a bush is wearing quickly, possibly due to a tight chain, and is close to 100% worn, it is not achieving its target and needs to be scrapped. Meanwhile, the other components of the system may have only achieved 75% by this point when the bush fails, and will also need to be scrapped (before their time is officially up). Resulting in wasted materials and money.

Performing regular on-site inspections of your machinery’s undercarriage is greatly encouraged, allowing more data to be collected and an accurate budget to be created to effectively identify underperforming undercarriage components.

Speak to our team today to see how we can help keep the value in your machinery.

Working with OEM suppliers, Hunter Valley Tracks (HVT) can provide all your mining excavator and shovel undercarriage needs.

  • Idlers
  • Tumblers
  • Rollers
  • Sprockets
  • Hardware.

HVT can supply either OEM or aftermarket undercarriage components for most brands of drill rigs.

  • Track chains
  • Track groups
  • Sprockets
  • Idlers
  • Rollers- Load & Carrier
  • Track adjuster
  • Recoil Assemblies

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